Dam project threatens to destroy thousands of years of history in Turkish town


The completion of Turkey’s IlIsu Dam threatens to flood much of the historic city of Hasankeyf, according to the New York Times.

The city, which traces its history back as … MORE >>

Pits and falls of donor-advised funds

Ray Madoff is a Boston College law professor with one big idea: all forms of perpetuity in foundations should be curtailed or outlawed. This leads her to support hefty estate taxes; in her 2010 book Immortality and the Law (which I reviewed for the Weekly Standard) she claimed that one period of very high estate taxes was the “golden age” of the estate tax.)

She has recently turned her attention to donor-advised funds, both in a 2015 conference covered by the Chronicle of Philanthropy and in a recent piece in the New York Review of Books. … MORE >>

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